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Our Story


Our story is that we love coffee and we love people. Yes, we have a passion for roasting and brewing excellent coffee. But more important than what the story is, is why the story exists and thats where you come in - yes, you, reading this about us section on our website.


The reason why we do this is simple, we want to connect with others, we want people to be encouraged, we want their day to have a bright spot in it - an authentic moment where they can be known.  

We are two married couples, a mom, two babies, and a golden retriever, most of us residing in 02128. Look up our enneagram types (if you don't know what that means google it) and get to know us!


We are still writing the rest of the story...

The Fam:








Jeremy: Swiss Army Knife...Enneagram Type 4 .
Andrea: Quality Control...Enneagram type 7

Juliette: Sunglasses, pizza..

Viv: Baby....

Los Fletchers.png

Kyle: Coffee ...Enneagram type 3

Lucia: All things administrative ...Enneagram Type 2 wing 3

The Parents.png

Mom, Martha: Momtrepreneur, Author
Dad, Michael: All time supporter 

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