10-Week Subscription (2, 8oz Jars Bi-Weekly)

10-Week Subscription (2, 8oz Jars Bi-Weekly)


**Christmas Special 10-weeks: 10, 8oz Jars for $98**

Currently only available in MA.


Our subscription service is here for 2022! 22 Subscriptions available at this discounted rate with free delivery!


Start the year off right by purchasing our 10-week subscription for the coffee lover on your list. Two, 8-oz jars delivered to your doorstep bi-weekly using our reusable mason jar exchange method. Delivery will begin Friday, January 7.


You can customize the coffee two ways:

1. Roaster's Choice: Get the opportunity to try out all our origins & blends. This will include the chance to enjoy featured origins before they are officially released.

2. Choose Your Own: Self select a rotation of our available origins.


You will receive 2, 8-oz jars, bi-weekly of freshly roasted coffee. We deliver on Wednesdays/Fridays. **Free Delivery** use code COFFEE at checkout 


Let us know if this is for a holiday gift & we will send you a printable certificate for the recipient letting them know their coffee is on the way.

*Available for MA residents. Soon we expect to go nationwide.